NEMWCL The North-East Mid-Week Cricket League 2021

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Eaga Old Boys

The Eaga Old Boys squad is made up of the following players.

Alex Fenwick Alex Fenwick
No Picture Ali Winstanley

No Picture Andrew White

No Picture Andy Jennison

No Picture Andy Porter

Anthony Otterson Anthony Otterson
Sicknote. Will play for as long as his arm is attached
No Picture Benn Horncastle

No Picture Chris Weldon

No Picture Coxy
Jack's mate
No Picture Craig Brown
Not the ex-Scotland manager
No Picture Craig Redpath
The other Redders
No Picture Dan Farquhar
Bloody loves a Hot Tub!
No Picture Dave Charlton

Dave Gunion Dave Gunion

Dave Hadley Dave Hadley
Great when the ball is going the opposite direction
Dave Hoey Dave Hoey
The Chairman. Born 1949
No Picture Davey Marshall
Like Arnie, "he came back"!
No Picture Fergus Matfen-Hall

No Picture Gary Crowder

No Picture Gordon Ledger

No Picture Greg Humphreyson

No Picture Imran Haq

Jack Hayden Jack Hayden
No Picture Jake Davies
Luke's brother
James Adair James Adair
Half Robot Half Humanoid Robot
No Picture James Blacklock

James Harvey James Harvey
The Skipper. Did we mention he had no hair
Jim Hoey Jim Hoey
Gentleman Jim. Longest fingers in the world, watch out ladies
John Marshall John Marshall
Danny Devito
John Rook John Rook
Mr Cricket. Too Sensible to play for us.
No Picture Josh Myburgh

Luke Davies Luke Davies
Newbie. Too Eager for Eaga
Mal Alderson Mal Alderson

No Picture Mark Neillis

No Picture Matty Garrod

Matty McAuley Matty McAuley

Michael Reilly Michael Reilly
Always gives 100% (80% effort, 20% noise, 0% skill)
No Picture Mo Ali

No Picture Neil Jackson

Paul Redmayne Paul Redmayne
Prepares like an ice age, builds like a mountain, Blue is the colour
Peter Emmerson Peter Emmerson

No Picture Praveen De Rodrigo

No Picture Rashid Shad

No Picture Richie Chapman

No Picture Richie Kyle

Rob Atkins Rob Atkins
He canít play cricket but he can design a spreadsheet
No Picture Rob Draper

No Picture Robson Wadsworth

No Picture Ross Robson

Ryan Garfield Ryan Garfield
Overseas player. If he ever shuts up the world will stop spinning
No Picture Ryan Joyce
The man with no (known) name
No Picture Ryan Kay

No Picture S Cooper
Jack's mate
No Picture Sandeep Singh
'Mon the Deeeeeeeeep!!!
No Picture Sean Rook

No Picture Steve Payne
Bring it. Northern HE-MAN
No Picture T Mapa
John Marshall's (former) friend!
No Picture Vinny Holden
Wow we have a good player!

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