NEMWCL The North-East Mid-Week Cricket League 2021

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Updated 26/3/21


Each team is responsible for keeping their basic contact data up to date.

These Club Particulars, which can be downloaded, and any Handbook amendments refer to the 2021 League Handbook.

Every Club is entitled to free access to their own section. Accounts can be requested through the “contact us” facility on the web site or by emailing directly to our Webmaster:

To gain access to the editing facilities click on the cricket stumps below the navigation in the left margin and you should be presented with a login screen. Sign in to access the admin section.

An Administration Guide, which will assist with the administration of team web pages, can be downloaded.

Amendments List since Handbooks were printed:

Add: Page 5: Umpires Panel Additions

Alan Gregg           07931 567 579


Div 1.1 Northern Rangers Home night is a Monday.

Div 2.1 Eagles Make Zubair Ahmed the second contact and replace Kamran Haider with  

Muhammad Rehman

07861 307 970

Div 2.4 BelMontE correct email for Kevin Roberts to

Div 3.12 NE4 will play at Heaton Medicals on a Monday night. Their CWO is Amrit Crawford.




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