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Be Prepared in case Play Resumes

 (Posted On Sat 27 June, 2020)

Given there is increasing pressure on the authorities that recreational play could resume, please check all club particulars and report any changes that should be notified.

I have the following amendments already:

1.3 North Star Correct mobile number for Zeeshan Bhati to 07723 585 096
1.4 Newcastle City Delete Raftab Khan and replace with Hamad Hussain 07980 013 515
1.7 Civil Service Change CWO to Andrew Kitchener
2.1 NE Tamils remove Subramaniam Prabhakaran as a contact; new Secretary and first contact is Kethanan Sarveswaran
3.6 GEMS Zohaib Shahid is the CWO
3.7 Kirkley delete Harry Ash as a contact.
3.9 Oddfellows Change CWO to Alan Gregg 07931 567 579
3.12 Wylam. Change CWO to Eddy Jackson 07539 371 139.

The number of weeks available for mid-week games will be severely limited but some organised matches or else friendly games might still be possible.

Comments from clubs at this stage are invited to, to guide Management Committee decisions on the season which might remain. Also please add any club news which can be shared in a follow up Newsletter.

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