NEMWCL The North-East Mid-Week Cricket League 2024

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Updated 25/5/24


Each team is responsible for keeping their basic contact data up to date. Prior to receiving all the Registration Forms, these are the latest data to hand.

These Club Particulars, which can be downloaded, will be updated and any subsequent Handbook amendments will refer to the 2024 League Handbook when printed in March.

Every Club is entitled to free access to their own section. Accounts can be requested through the “contact us” facility on the web site or by emailing directly to our Webmaster:

To gain access to the editing facilities click on the cricket stumps below the navigation in the left margin and you should be presented with a login screen. Sign in to access the admin section.

An Administration Guide, which will assist with the administration of team web pages, can be downloaded.

See also the amendments list since the Handbooks were printed.

Umpires Panel

Sadly, Andy Stokes passed away during the 23/24 close season. Condolences to family and friends as Andy surely lives on in all our fond memories.

Jon Davison new mobile number                07503 758 383.

Add Amir Aslam based in                 NE4            07403 367 057       

Add Varun Goyal based in      NE13          07741 889 292         


Club Particulars

1.7 Civil Service add Gareth Hunter email:  

2.1 Genetics remove Matthew King as a contact.

2.5 Merz & McLellan HAVE RESIGNED

2.6 Newcastle Tigers delete Tanvir Choudhury as contact; he will now play for Kirkwood.

3.1 NE United delete Rajeev Atchuthanandan details, new contact to be advised.

          Home night usually a Wednesday.

3.4 Fenham Falcons home night changed to Tuesday. Delete  Zeyad Ahmed as a contact.

3.7 Kirkley Delete Morgan Stenstrom and replace as Captain with

                                      Andy Horner 07855 791 421 .

4.3 Oddfellows will continue to play at Priors Park.






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